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Our firm specializes in looking at your whole financial picture, including tax, accounting and more, with a fiduciary commitment. Our integrated approach goes beyond just tax filing to deliver holistic financial solutions. Based in Northern California, our team delivers personalized service for indiviuals, families and businesses from a name and face you can get to know.


WHAT IS A FIDUCIARY COMMITMENT?  Derived from the latin word fiducia, meaning "to trust", a fiduciary commitment in finance ensures that our advisors and staff always work in your best interest.  With risk-analysis tools built on a Nobel prize framework, our team gets to the core of your financial outlook and provides customized recommendations tailored to your needs.
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Our Partnership

What sets Homer Stenger & Co. apart is our wealth management partnership with Sonoma Wealth Advisors.

Together, we offer a holistic approach to your financial goals, far beyond a single tax return.

Here's a little more about Sonoma Wealth Advisors:



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