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Tax Calendar - 2024


Entity Due Date Extended Due Date
Individual Form 1040 April 15 October 15
Individual Estimated Tax Payment Schedule

1Q - April15,

2Q - June 15,

3Q - September 15,

4Q - January 15

Form 1065 March 15 September 15
S Corporation Form 1120S 15th day of the third month following the fiscal year end One 6 month extension may be granted
Corporation Form 1120 15th day of the third month following the fiscal year end One 6 month extension may be granted
Orgaization Form 990 15th day of the third month following the fiscal year end Two 3 month extensions may be granted
Employee Benefits Plans Form 5500 Last day of the 7th month following Plan year end 15th day of the 10th month following Plan year ended
Payroll Tax Returns Forms 941, DE6, etc. Quarter Ended March 31 Return due April 30
Quarter Ended June 30, Return due July 31
Quarter Ended September 30, Return due October 31
Quarter Ended December 31, Return due January 31





Accounting Records Keep For
Accounts payable 7 years
Accounts receivable 7 years
Audit reports Permanent
Chart of accounts Permanent
Depreciation schedules Permanent
Expense records 7 years
Financial statements (annual) Permanent
Fixed asset purchases Permanent
General ledger Permanent
Inventory records 7 years (or Permanent for LIFO system)
Loan payment schedules 7 years
Purchase orders (1 copy) 7 years
Sales records 7 years
Tax returns Permanent



Bank Records Keep For
Bank reconciliations 2 years
Bank statements 7 years
Cancelled or substitute checks 7 years (Permanent for real estate purchases) 
Electronic payment records 7 years



Corporate Records Keep For
Board minutes Permanent
Bylaws Permanent
Business licenses Permanent
Contracts - major Permanent
Contracts - minor Life of contract + 3 years (Liability can vary, check with your agent) 
Insurance policies Permanent
Leases/mortgages Permanent
Patents/trademarks Permanent
Shareholder records Permanent
Stock registers Permanent
Stock transactions Permanent



Employee Records Keep For
Benefit plans Permanent
Employee files (ex-employees)  7 years (Or statute of limitations for employee lawsuits) 
Employment applications 3 years
Employment taxes 7 years
Payroll records 7 years
Pension/profit sharing plans Permanent



Real Property Records Keep For
Construction records Permanent
Leasehold improvements Permanent
Lease payment records Life + 4 years
Real estate purchases Permanent



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